Editor in Chief, MAX RYYNÄNEN (PhD, Docent; b. 1972) is senior lecturer in theory of visual culture at Aalto University's Department of Art, where he is also the director of the international MA program Visual Culture, Curation, and Contemporary Art (ViCCA). He is the chair of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics. He is also an essayist, philosophical performer and both an ex gallerist and ex art critic. More on the webpage http://maxryynanen.net.

Editor in Chief, JOZEF KOVALČIK has been Chief Executive of the newly established Slovak Arts Council since July 2015. He was previously Vice Rector at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where he also taught theory of art, theory of design and aesthetics. His research has been focused on the relation between high and popular culture and cultural politics. He completed two books on this topic, entitled Aesthetics of Popular Culture, which is co-authored by Max Ryynänen (Slovart, 2014). He was also an active curator of contemporary art and design.  

Associate Editor Dr. ZOLTÁN SOMHEGYI is a Hungarian art historian, holding a PhD. in aesthetics, currently working at the College of Fine Arts and Deisgn of the University of Sharjah, UAE. As a researcher, he is specialised in 18th-19th century art and theory, besides that his other fields of interest are contemporary fine arts and art criticism. He is the author of books, artist catalogues, and more than two hundred articles, critiques, essays and art fair reviews. He is the Secretary General and Website Editor of the International Association for Aesthetics. http://www.zoltansomhegyi.com

Associate Editor Mgr. MICHAELA PAŠTEKOVÀ, PhD (1982) works at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Slovakia), where she teaches classes on aesthetics, mass culture and theory of photography. In her research, she focuses on the influence of social platforms and new media on visual culture, aesthetics and the evaluation of the photographic image. Her current research focuses on recycling strategies in contemporary photography. She is also an active curator and art critic. Since 2014, she is also the chair of the Slovak Association of Aesthetics.


ADAM ANDRZEJEWSKI  is  a  philosopher  and  Assistant  Professor  at  the  University  of  Warsaw.  His  research  is  focused  on  everyday  aesthetics,  popular  culture,  and  the  ontology  of  art.  He  has  authored  several  articles  devoted  to  analytic  aesthetics  and  the  philosophy of art published in e.g. Estetika: The Central European Journal of AestheticRivista di estetica, Brill Research Perspectives on Art and Law or The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics.  He is a member of the Editorial Board of Evental Aesthetics as well as the Treasurer of the European Society for Aesthetics