Article manuscripts sent to Popular Inquiry have to be previously unpublished and written in English language. Please send your text to us in Word or Rich Text format. Please prepare the article manuscript according to the following guidelines:

  • The manuscript should not exceed 8000 words.

  • The text needs to have a title in the beginning, but we don’t publish abstracts or lists of keywords. If you feel this is a problem, think about a title, which is informative enough.

  • Do not include your name, institution or any other identifying information in the manuscript

  • All citations need to be in the endnotes and not in the main text and they need to be numbered sequentially with arabic numbers. Use the endnote function so that the notes appear at the end of the text.

  • We encourage you to send us articles which do not refer only to Anglo-American white male scholars.

  • Font should be 11-point Calibri, including the endnotes. We would be happy if you wouldn’t insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting.

  • Please follow the Chicago Manual.

  • Only the left hand margin should be justified.

  • Please indicate the paragraph break by an extra line space.

We prefer not to publish images in the articles, but if there is an exceptional need for them, let us know about it.

If you want your book or article to be mentioned or reviewed, please it to us (snail mail, e-mail (PDF, link)). We welcome you to send books and articles to be enlisted and/or reviewed in the fall issue of the year in any of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Slovakian, Czech, Estonian, Polish, Russian, Ukranian and Hungarian. If you have publications in other languages which you would like to get reviewed, please suggest a person who could review them or who could at least check them for us.